Breastfeeding with Grace provides comprehensive lactation support for mom and babies.

If you suspect that your breastfeeding problems are related to a tongue tie or lip tie, contact Grace today!

Check out Grace’s reviews on Yelp to see for yourself how she’s helped moms all over San Diego county who struggled to breastfeed only to find out their problems were due to tongue and/or lip tie.

Hi, I’m Grace Magill, an IBCLC for over 20 years. I’m incredibly passionate about helping moms and babies find the cause of their breastfeeding problems. I provide solutions that will help moms feel empowered to reach their breastfeeding goals, whatever they may be. When you call me, I fully investigate your breastfeeding problems, starting with an evaluation of your health history and birth experience. I use this information to prepare for our visit and have solutions ready for you once I examine baby’s latch, suck, and baby and mom’s anatomy. This helps us make the most of your appointment time and get you and baby on the right track to successful breastfeeding.

After our appointment, I’m available for lactation support via phone and email for as long as you need. This is a crucial time for you and your baby’s breastfeeding relationship, so I make myself available through other means to help you reach your goals. I offer this support because I am truly passionate about what I do and want every mother to feel successful. This support is included in your consultation fee! Not many consultants offer the convenience of email and phone support as part of their consultation package.

Certified Consultant

Grace is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant with advanced classes in infant latch and suck issues, specializing in assessing and caring for lip and tongue tie issues with breastfeeding.

Private Lactation Consultations are available in her home office or in the comfort of your home. She covers all of San Diego and the surrounding areas.

Help and Support

Pain is a signal that something is wrong and you should seek help sooner than later. Be assured that with professional help, obstacles like nipple pain or low milk supply can be overcome. I will support you and help make breastfeeding as easy and problem-free as possible.

I am here to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be. Remember, Breastfeeding should never be painful.